Metro Prague

Metro Prague

Metro Prague

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12 secrets of Prague Metro / 12 sekretów metra w Pradze - CZ05

Prague Metro, Letňany station, line C

Inside the metro - Prague, Czech Republic

Ideal application for tourists and visitors of Prague. With this application, you will not miss any metro and you can get the most of your stay in Prague. You will always know when your next metro leaves the station and if you can catch it or not. Travelling through Prague will be easy and fast. And you do not even need a timetable.

Features and specification:

- The application is not dependent on any connection or network, it works completely offline.
- It doesn‘t need GPS.
- It shows next 3 departures from the chosen station in the chosen direction – application starts real quick and finds metro departures within few seconds.
- Possibility to save your favorite and frequently used stations.
- No need to have a watch or to check the phone – the app is not telling you at what time metro leaves but in how many minutes it goes - accurate to seconds, the app displays the time remaining until the departure. Because of this, your phone needs to be on the exact time, we recommend setting the automatic time synchronization.
- The application shows final destination of the train if different from the last station of the line.
- User-friendly, simple and clear.
- Now all we need is the metro keeping up with the schedule.